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Our back-end development services is about building a product that works seamlessly, meet market needs and creating an enjoyable user experience that earns your clients loyalty.

Have a mobile application that needs user registration, login and syncing of data across multiple devices and platforms? We can deliver a custom back-end solution for your admin panel.

Do you have an in-house front-end development team, that is building UI, and you’re looking for someone to support them with developing the back-end part? We’re here to help.

Witness your digital progress with our Back-end Development services

Our company is here to provide you with amazing back-end development services. That makes your whole website secure, stable, and highly performing. There are almost no chances of issues, loopholes, or bugs. Your website becomes secure and authentic which enables your customers to build trust in your brand. Our team of Back-end developers is skilled in their work. They work with dedication and a good level of cooperation and coordination with you as we ensure customer satisfaction.

Now you do not have to worry about the functionality of the website as we are here with our team of professional Back-end developers. That ensures that your website runs efficiently and without any delay. We manage and check the account creation and all such customer data, the management of the whole data, its reporting, management of payment and related issues, and we also provide data update services.

So your website becomes a complete package with every aspect from Front-end and back-end aspect. It increases the chances of your profitability and the chances of you being in the market for a longer term.

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What Languages do we use for Back-end Development services?

Following are the languages that are used by our Back-end developers to ensure a successful.

Back-end development service:

  • • Python
  • • Java
  • • JavaScript
  • • Ruby
  • • .NET
  • • PHP
  • • SQL
  • • Clojure

Thus, mostly used language of all these programming languages is PHP. It is one of the most used languages for Back-end development. All the mentioned languages enable the developers to do their work with great accuracy and transparency. These languages enhance the whole development experience.

Back-end Development Services:

There are different categories of services included in our Back-end Development services. You can easily brief us on what category is needed for your business. We ensure to extend our greatest support with our skilled Back-end Developers. The following are the categories:

Server Maintenance and management:

Our Back-end developers are here to maintain and manage the servers. And monitor them in case of any issues. Our team is prompt in solving issues as and when it arises. We give our best to keep on updating the server. To avoid any more issues in the future like Heartbleed and other issues like Shellshock.

So you do not have to worry as you will leave your website in safe hands that can protect your hard work with great dedication. Take our services to witness the dynamic transformation of your website with great Back-end development services. Our developers are full of knowledge and insights. So they know how to solve such issues without wasting much time of the client in maintenance.

Optimization of Database:

If you are facing difficulty in the speed of the website or its loading time or you are unable to properly optimize the database. Then we are here with our Back-end development services. To optimize your complete database and increase the page speed. We also coordinate with your business to ensure the security of your platform.

Let us secure your database with our dynamic Back-end development services!

Prevention of Security Threats:

If you need protection against SQL injections and DDoS attacks, then we are here with our back-end development services. Your web application will have secure protocols like Secure Sockets Layers (SSL). It eliminates the chances of security threats and keeps your web app safe from any attacks.

Our Back-end developers are skilled in what they do, they are quick to detect threats and solve them as they occur. So our team is likely to provide prompt solutions. So you can carry on your business without any stress of risks and issues as we have got you covered.

Proper Integrations and API:

Integration and API solves a lot of problems as your website becomes enabled to interact and communicate with other websites and application. Such integrations play a great part in the maintenance and security of the website. Moreover, our integrations also do not compromise on confidentiality of information and the overall performance standards.

Frameworks for Back-end development services:

There are several frameworks for back-end development services. It enables our teams to work quickly and efficiently as it needs fewer codes. Moreover, it also enables our developers to write the code once and then use it many times. It shows how frameworks save a lot of precious time for both parties in the project.

Following are the names of frameworks that help our developers and your business in the Back-end development process.

  • • Django
  • • Laravel
  • • Ruby on Rails
  • • ExpressJS
  • • Flask
  • • Koa
  • • Asp .NET
  • • Phoenix
  • • Spring Boot

All these frameworks have many advantages and disadvantages. A business owner should be aware of the relevancy of the framework as it enables them to choose wisely. But if you need us to suggest a framework that is relevant for the business then we can do it. Moreover, if you need a specific framework for your back-end development service then we can follow those guidelines too. We ensure to use it to the most of your benefits and profitability.

An important thing to note here is all these Back-end development frameworks have large communities, where people interact and share their knowledge and experience about the frameworks. So it allows a continuous improvement in the frameworks; and ultimately in the back-end development services provided by back-end development companies.

The communities share case studies and personal experiences. That allows both parties to gain valuable insights and knowledge to avoid future problems and issues about the framework. These communities become a source of the Back-end framework encyclopedia where people come to gain knowledge before application. It also enables them to decide wisely what framework will work best for their website.

Moreover, all these frameworks have a lot of features that enable our developers to extend their services with great accuracy. These features and tools include security features, URL handling, error handling, Scalability, Template engine, etc. It shows the significance of frameworks in the process of back-end development services.

How do we work?

  • • You need to reach out to discuss what is exactly that you require. We prefer having a clear and concise brief about your goals and objectives with our back-end development services.
  • • We suggest the most relevant Back-end developer whose skills are more relevant to your brief.
  • • Then you get to communicate with that selected developer to check if there is coordination compatibility or not. It enables you to get a chance to discuss the project directly with the one who will provide the service to you.
  • • You witness seeing your Back-end development dreams turning into reality.

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The top language used for Back-end development?

We cannot name a single language being the only top language used by all kinds of frameworks for back-end development services. The language choice depends if it’s relevant to your back-end goals, objectives, and business visions. One can use any Back-end language like PHP, Java, SQL, etc. There is no limitation in choosing the language.

What is the cost of your Back-end development services?

Our cost varies with the brief and objectives of your business needs. So visit the link (Add link) to discuss the brief and identify the cost of our services. You do not have to worry as it’s never too high. Our services are mostly affordable and cost-effective.

What are the frameworks of Back-end development services?

There are many frameworks as discussed in the landing page of our back-end development services. Django, Koa, Phoenix, and Laravel are some of the names from all the frameworks.

What are the 3 main components of back-end development?

The 3 main components that make the back-end development service complete are the server, the app, and the database. If these three components are well developed and secured then your website is good to go and make a positive impact on user experiences.

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